Rochelle Community Consolidated School District

in partnership with family and community, is committed to preparing students to live as educated, responsible, creative, and confident citizens in an ever changing world, today and in the future.


111 School Avenue
Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone: (815) 562-7997
Fax: (815) 562-8527

Teacher Name Title Grade Teacher Email
Adolph, Anna Literature/C.S.
Anderson, Karen P.E.
Billeter, Christie Reading/Social St.
Cagle, Linda Social Studies
Crystal, Theresa Mathematics
Deutsch, Jason Mathematics
Dobbs, Kay P.E.
Donovan, Robert Art
Hahn, Elizabeth Social Studies
Toole, Emma Literature/C.S.
Lawton, Tracey Communication Skills
Madere, Paul Instrumental Music
McNitt, Katie Literature
Papke, Mark Industrial Arts
Prestegaard, Kathy Science
Richolson, Patti Science
Rones, Desiree Mathematics
Sarver, Morgan ESL
Spires, Tana Literature/C.S.
Stewart, Chad P.E.
Stolte, Chelsey Social Studies
Thompson, Lori Literature/C.S.
Young, Jordan Science


444 N. 8th Street
Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone:(815) 562-8251
Fax: (815) 562-5993

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Young, Ms. Teacher Kindergarten  
Kennay, Mrs. Teacher Kindergarten
Guerrero, Ms. Teacher 1st Grade
Hunley, Mrs. Teacher 1st Grade
Becerra, Mr. Teacher 2nd Grade
King, Ms. Teacher 2nd Grade
Casey, Mrs. Teacher 3rd Grade
Cintora, Ms. Teacher 3rd Grade
McGinn, Mrs. Teacher 4th Grade
Hayden, Ms. Teacher 4th Grade
Frankfother, Mrs. Teacher 5th Grade
Nicol, Ms. Teacher 5th Grade
Bogle, Mrs. Title I Reading
Guzman-Holland, Mrs. Title I Reading
Ebert, Ms. Physical Education
Hintzsche, Mrs. Physical Education
Madere, Mr. Music
Brown, Mrs. Music
Elson, Mrs. Art
Inman, Ms. Art
Wyatt, Ms. Speech


1033 N. 2nd Street
Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone:(815) 562-6331
Fax: (815) 562-2430

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Bond, Patricia Teacher Kindergarten
O'Rorke, Jackie Teacher Kindergarten
Cooper, Linda Teacher 1st Grade
McGinn, Diane Teacher 1st Grade
Schwartz, Jill Teacher 2nd Grade
Mellor, Tammy Teacher 2nd Grade
Ponto, Dede Teacher 3rd Grade
Schweitzer, Christine Teacher 3rd Grade
Smith, Kaite Teacher 4th Grade
Zamastil, Mary Teacher 4th Grade
Rippentrop, Vicki Teacher 5th Grade
Mathieu, Mark Teacher 5th Grade
Duthie, Holli Resource Teacher
Iversen, Brooke Resource Teacher
Chu, Eva ELL Teacher
Bowers, Melisa Reading
Gineman, Lisa Reading
Lodico, Kent Physical Education
Weber, Meridith Music
Roman, Tara Music
Inman, Cassandra Art
Wyatt, Brittany Speech


1450 20th Street
Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone:(815) 562-4520
Fax: (815) 561-1005

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Davidson, Mrs. Teacher Kindergarten
Kessen, Mrs. Teacher Kindergarten
Tobler, Mrs. Teacher 1st Grade
Downey, Mrs. Teacher 1st Grade
Kida, Mrs. Teacher 2nd Grade
DaCosta, Mrs. Teacher 2nd Grade
Smith, Ms. Teacher 3rd Grade
Dummer, Ms. Teacher 3rd Grade
McKinney, Mr. W. Teacher 4th Grade
Daugherty, Mrs. Teacher 4th Grade
Hayes, Mrs. Teacher 5th Grade
McKinney, Mr. J. Teacher 5th Grade
Arteaga, Rosaelia Teacher ESL
Brandt, Whitney Teacher ESL
Michalek, Miss Special Education
Dillon, Mrs. Special Education
Harper, Mrs. Special Education
Andermann, Mrs. Reading
Casey, Mrs. Reading
Hintzsche, Mrs. Physical Education
Brown, Mrs. Music
Elson, Mrs. Art
Little, Ms. Speech


1050 N. 9th St.
Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone: (815) 562-6665
Fax: (815) 562-2607

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Gates, Ms. Teacher Kindergarten
Alfano, Mrs. Teacher Kindergarten
Meiners, Ms. Teacher 1st Grade
Mrs, Mrs. Teacher 1st Grade
Mairs, Mrs. Teacher 2nd Grade
Morrisey, Mrs. Teacher 3rd Grade
Waltrip, Ms. Teacher 3rd Grade
Klindera, Mrs. Teacher 4th Grade
Ramsey, Mrs. Teacher 4th Grade  
Deutsch, Mrs. Teacher 5th Grade  
Brown, Mrs. Teacher 5th Grade  
Leoni, Mrs. Special Education
Primrose, Mrs. Special Education
Siebert, Mrs. Reading
McMahon, Mrs. Reading
Lodico, Mr. Physical Education
Loggins, Mr. Physical Education
Roman, Mrs. Music
Elson, Mrs. Art
Groenhagen, Ms. Speech


1450 20th Street
Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone:(815) 562-2400
Ext. 8
Fax: (815) 561-1005

Name Title Email Address
Tenorio, Alejandra Parent Coordinator
Taylor, Margaret Teacher
Miller, Amber Teacher
Lopez-Galvan, Maria Teacher

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