Participation in extra-curricular activities depends on the student remaining eligible according to the following guidelines.  These eligibility guidelines will begin once tryouts are complete and practices begin.

  • At the end of each week, all teachers will report weekly grades of all team members to coaches for the duration of the season.
  • Any student athlete who is earning a failing grade at the end of the week will be considered ineligible beginning the following week.
  • For example, a student who has one or more failing grades on Thursday, February 1 should receive notice of their grade on Friday, February 2. He or she will then be ineligible beginning Monday, February 5.
  • Once becoming ineligible, that student remains ineligible throughout following week until he or she raises that grade(s) to a passing level.
  • Any student who is ineligible may practice with his or her team, but may not compete in any games or travel with the team to any away games or meets.
  • Once a coach has received a notice from the teacher that the ineligible student is now passing, he or she will be re-instated
  • Any student who is ineligible three times throughout an athletic season will be dropped from the team.


A physical examination by a medical doctor is required before beginning participation in any boys' or girls' sports program. A physical exam is good for one calendar year of sports. A student who is excused from physical education due to a medical reason may not participate in extra-curricular sports - either practice or competition.


Students who are considered absent for either one-half or the full day of school will not be allowed to participate in any athletic contests on that day. Exceptions may be made for appointments, funerals or at the discretion of the principal. According to State guidelines a student may only miss 52 minutes before they have to be counted at least one-half day absent. Therefore, a student must be signed in by 9:22 A.M. to be able to participate in a contest that evening.

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