Below are some answers to questions that may be on the mind R.M.S. athletes’ parents. If you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed, please contact the Athletic Director, Mrs. Karen Anderson.

Can you explain the Athletic Fee?

In order to help support the R.M.S. Athletic Program, each athlete who participates in an interscholastic sport must pay a $35.00 athletic fee. That being said, there is a maximum fee of $70.00 per year for an athlete in two or more sports, and a maximum fee per family of $105.00, which covers siblings who participate in three or more sports combined. The athletic fee must be paid to the office before an athlete receives his or her team’s uniform. If an athlete either quits participation from the team or is dismissed from the team, the athletic fee will not be refunded.

How will my child get to and from away games?

Athletes are transported to and from away games.  The bus departs and returns to the middle school.  Athletes may leave an away contest with a parent after confirming with the coach in person and signing a written note saying so.  An athlete may not, however, leave an away game with a sibling, relative, friend or another athlete’s parent.  If a emergency situation arises that requires alternative transportation, the coach should be contacted by phone and written permission from the parent should be sent from the parent designating who will transport the athlete.  Proper behavior is expected from all athletes while on the busses to or from games.  All school rules apply while on school busses.  Directions to away games are provided on this site.

What constitutes an excused or unexcused absence from practice?

More specific rules regarding attendance at games and practices are determined by individual coaches.  Generally, however, excused absences from practice include such things as family emergencies, family vacations, or an absence from school.  If a player is in school but is not coming to practice, his or her coach must be notified in person by the athlete.  Whether or not that absence is excused will be up to the athlete’s coach.  An unexcused absence includes (but is not limited to) such things as after-school detention, not personally telling a coach that you will not be at practice, missing practice for an reason not sufficient enough, as determined by the coach.

Can I contact the coach with questions or concerns?

There are certainly times when it is appropriate to contact your child’s coach.  We encourage you to discuss issues related to ways to help your child improve, concerns about your child’s behavior or the physical and mental treatment of your child.  It is not appropriate, however, to approach the coach with issues related to playing time, game strategy, play selection or other athletes.

Does everyone on the team get to play?

Middle school sports are a participatory experience intended to teach fundamentals skill and give students an opportunity to participate.  Throughout the regular season, playing time is designed to maximize playing time for all athletes.  During the N.C.J.C. tournament however, playing time is determined by the ability of the athletes on the team.  The ultimate goal in the tournament is to be successful as a team, so playing time is not guaranteed.

What if my son or daughter is involved in another sports activity outside of school?

When a R.M.S. student is a member of a school athletic team, he or she may participate on an another activity out of school.  However, we expect the R.M.S. team to be his or her priority over out-of-school activities.  If practice or game attendance is sacrificed because of an out-of-school sport, playing time on the R.M.S. team will be affected.  Specific rules about this will be available from each individual coach.

What requirements are there for my son or daughter to participate in athletics?

Anyone who expects to be on a team must have a sports physical that was completed within the last year.  That physical must be turned in to the office before the first day of tryouts.  An athletic physical is valid for one calendar year.  Therefore, if a student’s physical expires over the course of an athletic season, he or she will have to have an additional sports physical.  For a copy of an acceptable physical exam form, click here. In addition, all parents must complete a consent form when the season begins.  For a copy of the parental consent form, click here.

How are R.M.S. athletes recognized for participating?

There is an Athletic Recognition night near the end of the school year on which all athletes who completed one or more athletic season will their award(s).

What time are games?

Unless otherwise stated, all regular season after-school games begin at 4:00.  Occasionally, a game may be delayed because of transportation situations that exist with another school.  Starting times of tournament games and meets will vary.  Individual coaches will provide his or her athletes with a schedule of games and start times.

What if there is an early dismissal from school?

When R.M.S. has an early dismissal from school, practices and games will still be scheduled.  Practices will begin at the usual time, so students will have to leave the building after school and return to school for practice at 3:30.  On a day that there is a game scheduled, athletes will need to be back to school in time to ride the bus or prepare for the game at RMS.  Coaches will notify athletes in that case.

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