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Department of Language Learning

“One language sets you in a corridor for life.” “Two languages open every door along the way.”  Frank Smith


The Department of Language Learning provides instructional programming for language and second language learners.

The mission of the department is to encourage bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism.



According to Illinois Administrative School Code, each district in the state is required to screen all new, enrolling students who have been determined to have a language other than English used in the home. Once an additional language has been indicated, the district is obligated to screen any school-aged students of that family with the state mandated screening instrument. The results of the screening instrument are used to determine English Language level, and subsequently, eligibility for EL services.

The District offers three types of EL programs.



The Spanish-English two-way immersion program in the Rochelle School District is designed for families who would like their children to learn another language while receiving high quality academic instruction.  Dual Language classes, available for eligible students in PreK to 5th grade provide instruction in Spanish and English with the goal of developing bilingualism, biliteracy, multiculturalism, and academic proficiencies in both languages. High-impact instructional practices support students as they learn English and grade-level skills, concepts, and vocabulary in all content areas.

Learn more about the DUAL LANGUAGE PROGRAM here!



Program includes language arts and subject matter instruction in the students’ native language and English as well as intensive instruction in English as a Second Language. As the student develops English proficiency using the strengthened knowledge and academic skills acquired in the native language, instruction in English increases and native language instruction decreases.



The purpose of the TPI program is to provide ELLs with English as a Second Language instruction and additional resources and supports in the general program of instruction. English language learners may be part of the general program of instruction and must receive daily ESL from appropriately certified teachers.

Department of Language Learning Coordinators


Dhana Hansen
Maria Lopez-Galvan
1st Grade
Jocelyn Ortiz
Amanda Hunley
Lisa Friday
2nd Grade
Ruby Nambo
Whitney Brandt
Deb DeCosta
Jeannie Martura
3nd Grade
Morgan Sarver
Yensy Garcia
Yuliana Cintora
Sheryl Casey
4th Grade
Karissa Dobson
Sara Daughert
Jen Hernandez
5th Grade
Angela Meyer
Cosme Becerra
6th Grade
Veronica Garcia-Martinez
7th Grade
Brooke Freeman
8th Grade
Cathy Larkin

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