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Lincoln Elementary School Staff Directory

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Adolph, Justin Principal
Martinez, Sara Secretary
Biacco, Bre Secretary
Baylor, Jackie Nurse
Gittleson, Mrs. Health Aide
Arteaga, Rosie Teacher Kindergarten
Tobler, Nicki Teacher Kindergarten
Downey, Linda Teacher 1st Grade
Rains, Irma Teacher 1st Grade
DaCosta, Deb Teacher 2nd Grade
Kida, Kristen Teacher 2nd Grade
Friday, Lisa Teacher 3rd Grade
Mann, Heidi Teacher 3rd Grade
Daugherty, Mrs. Teacher 4th Grade
McKinney, Mr. W. Teacher 4th Grade
Aasen, Taylor Teacher 5th Grade
McKinney, Mr. J. Teacher 5th Grade
Abellar, Lianne ELL Director
Dillon, Stephanie Special Education
Harper, Eryn Special Education
DeLoera, Jocelyn Special Education
Gardner, Megan Speech
Vazquez, Edna Reading
Casey, Brandi Reading
Gontarak, Jen Art
Lodico, Kent Physical Education
Brown, Jackie Music
Polz, Kelly Counselor
King, Susan Library

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