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May Elementary School Staff Directory

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Cox, Becky Principal
Harms, Ms. Administrative Assistant
Builta, Joelle Registered Nurse
Odle, Pam Health Aide
Bond, Patricia Teacher Kindergarten
Cooper, Linda Teacher 1st Grade
McGinn, Diane Teacher 1st Grade
Schwartz, Jill Teacher 2nd Grade
Mellor, Tammy Teacher 2nd Grade
Ponto, Dede Teacher 3rd Grade
Smith, Kaite Teacher 4th Grade
Moon, Breanna Teacher 4th Grade
Frankfother, Melissa Teacher 5th Grade
Mathieu, Mark Teacher 5th Grade
Inman, Cassie Art
Strouss, Erin Counselor
Chu, Annette ESL Aide
Chu, Eva ESL
Baiocco, Breynn HUB Site Coordinator
Emshoff, Linda Math Intervention Aide
Weber, Meridith Music
Brown, Jackie Music
Lodico, Kent Physical Education
Paxton, Caitlin Physical Education
Potts, Jackleen Library Clerk
Gineman, Lisa Reading
Shiaras, Katelin Reading
Albaugh, Dorene Reading Support
Reynolds, Dianne Reading Support
Duthie, Holli Resource Teacher
Sutton, Lisa Resource Teacher
Brizuela, Laura Resource Aide
Kaecker, Danni Resource Aide
Reyes, Nancy Resource Aide
Lamb, Amanda Social Worker
Devlieger, Marissa Speech
Brown, Jennifer Technology

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