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By clicking on the 'I agree' box below, I understand that any materially false statement or omission of fact on this application is sufficient reason to deny an applicant employment and, in the event the applicant is hired, will result in dismissal. I further understand that any omission or false statement of a material term on an employment application is a Class A criminal misdemeanor. Accordingly, I acknowledge that the information provided in this application for employment is true, correct, and complete.

By clicking on the 'I agree' box below, I also authorize Rochelle Elementary School District No. 231 to conduct a background check into my prior employment and educational qualifications. I understand that I am subject to a criminal background investigation in accordance with Illinois law. I further understand that I may not be employed by the District if the investigation discloses conviction of any specified offense under Section 10-21.9 of The School Code, 105 ILCS 5/0-21.9, or in accordance with district policy and practice. I hereby authorize the District to initiate a criminal background check by the Illinois Department of State Police and agree to execute any forms required for said investigation.


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