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Tilton Elementary School Staff Directory

Name Title Grade(s) Email Address
Derricks, Ms. Principal
Dickey, Ms. Administrative Assistant
Ansteth, Ms. Health Office
Alfano, Mrs. Teacher Kindergarten
Mrs. Davidson Teacher Kindergarten
Meiners, Ms. Teacher 1st Grade
Mrs, Wheat Teacher 1st Grade
Mairs, Mrs. Teacher 2nd Grade
Morrissey, Mrs. Teacher 2nd Grade
Waltrip, Ms. Teacher 3rd Grade
Weden, Mrs. Teacher 3rd Grade
McKinney, Mr. Teacher 4th Grade
McGraw, Miss Teacher 4th Grade
Brown, Mrs. Teacher 5th Grade
Mrs. Hayes Teacher 5th Grade
Cruz, Mrs. Special Education
Primrose, Mrs. Special Education
Bowers, Mrs. Reading
Loggins, Mr. Physical Education
Roman, Mrs. Music
Weber, Ms. Music
Miss Gontarek Art
Mrs. Strouss Counselor
Gardner, Ms. Speech/Language
Gerber, Mrs. Library
Siebert, Ms. Reading Specialist
Hasz, Mrs. Computer Tech

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